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Small Grants Activities

The small grants program the CSOs to help their target community address their problem. In additions, it gives the CSOs an opportunity to practice trainings, skills and knowledge. They have a chance to apply for small grants. There are 7 different projects implementation by 7 CSOs in total.
Tamu District Indigenous Organization (TDIO) in Tamu township (Bordered with India), applied small grants through consortia approach. The MPs, community leaders, media and local authorities participated in the project implementation. The forum was broad-casted in DVB channel. Their project was Advocacy for Environment Protection. The Small Grants applicant is Tamu District Indigenous Organization. This micro-grant strengthens Tamu CSO network.

Garuna Yaung Chi organization from Khampat Township implements "Drugs Awareness and Prevention" project in the community. They raised awareness among youth and students to prevent using drugs. In their project activities, the drug users, students, village leaders, local authorities (especially police) and religious leaders are participated. The small grant is implemented through campaign (poster, vinyl, pamphlet, social media), community discussion and group education for reducing necrotic drugs and for helping the drug users for their rehabilitation.

Webula Organization for Rural Development (WORD), now it changes its name to "Taungthan Thu" , implements Seedlings Cottage Project for Upland Farmers, Webula Town, Falam Township, Chin State. Many villages are facing the decrease of crops yield of their farmlands. The community is aware that shifting farming cannot feed the family with enough food for a yearlong. They want to move to the permanent farming with long term plantations from the shifting cultivation. This project is a great support for the upland farmers in many ways by providing the required seedlings of perennial crops. They will maintain coffee, grape and other long term plants seedlings by setting up a Multipurpose Nursery House. It has built (40'x30') wide the seedlings cottage. Now it starts serving coffee seedlings to local farmers and some more seedlings are coming soon.

Green Kennedy Group (GKG) implements "Protection of Cherry and Rhododendron trees" project in Tedim Township, Chan State. As they made advocacy with posters, vinyl at trees, with social media and in villages, passers-by become aware and avoid cutting Cherry and Rhododendron trees around Kennedy Hill area. We could see less and less taking pictures with a branch of Rhododendron flowers on Facebook by people from Kale who visited to see the beauty of Kennedy Hill area after the project activities.

Good Practice of Agriculture training of GKG in Pinpih Village, Tedim Township, gave the local farmer knowledge and skills on how to add values products, the proper usage technique of chemical pesticide, perseveration and protection of the soil and making organic fertilizer. Cultivation of Cash Crops and adding values to their products remain as a big challenge for lack of proper knowledge, risk taking and difficulty of market assessment.

In Order to Live (ILO) is a youth organization focusing on Education and Social Protection. IOL implements the Voter Education Project in two villages which are Youcho Kwin (Kale Township, Sagaing Region) and Zonuam Zang ( Tedim Township, Chin State) from December, 2019 to January, 2020. These two villages are often neglected in terms of information and support because they are in between of Chin State and Sagaing Region border. The participants are delighted to learn with their mother-tongue about 2008 constitution, form of federal structure, election system, and governmental administration of Myanmar, the meaning of democracy, media roles and national, ethnic, union, regional & state parliaments.

This project reminds them that how their votes become invalid in the past and prepares them with proper knowledge and skills for the upcoming 2020 November National Election in Myanmar. They get awareness that politics and administration of government is concerned with every citizen and that they must partake in politics and governmental administration with great concern in their location.

Help For Friends (HFF) is a PLHA organization giving support to other PLHA families, Health Information, Advocacy and fundraising. It implements the Psycho Social Support and Advocacy Project in Kale and Tamu Townships. There are 30 participants in Sipin Gyi village, 40 participants in Tat Oo Thidar Quarter of Kale Township and 43 participants from Sandar Ku Quarter in Tamu. In the participants, there are some PLWDs.
HFF shares about 4 ways of HIV infection and gives psycho support to take regular medication, directs places of ART assessment and to live life normally like others. HFF staffs give them encouragement, ways of healthy living and importance of taking medication with their own life testimony.
This project outcome are more awareness on how infection happened, self-confident of PLHA, other people get knowledge of 4 ways of HIV infection and empathy to PLHA, less discrimination to PLHA, 5 new PLHA contact for counseling and consultation to HFF and 3 new PLHA get ART assessment and change mind-set of PLHA and participants.

Kalay Township Development Association (KTDA) implements the project entitled "Natural Disaster Prevention Activity" on Aung Myitta Quarter (former Pinthar Village) of Kale where the flood starts in every raining season. There are 30 teachers, 60 local people and 400 primary students in the activity.
KTDA shares about DRR process and management, information on natural disaster management department, the importance of trees for environment and how trees prevent disaster such as flood; landslide and river eradication and more importantly, the participants get information and contact numbers of Disaster Response Committee of Kale Township.
Along with awareness and educational vinyl to public places in that area, KTDA and the participants plant 400 seedlings (trees that give shade when grown) in the school and river bank. For the students, KTDA makes quiz on cause of disaster and its prevention.